Stop the Bleed, Save a life

Our Instructors


Mike Riche

 Navy veteran, Tactical medic and Protective Security Specialist. Mike brings over 40 years of experience and a global perspective on security and threat assessment.  American Heart Association and Red Cross CPR and First Aid instructor, Stop the Bleed Instructor, Alice Training Institute and Texas State University "ALERRT" Certified Active Shooter/Incident instructor, NRA Firearms Instructor.


Jim Acosta


Jim has 35 years of experience in Public Safety as a city Police Officer and Detective, Federal Agent, city and Wildland Firefighter, Emergency Medical Technician and most recently 10+ years in State Emergency Management. He is a Department of Homeland Security-approved Instructor of the AWR-130A, Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings course and is a Certified Emergency Manager and a California state Emergency Management Specialist. Jim is also an  Alice Training Institute and Texas A&M Certified Active Shooter/Incident instructor 


Pete Stankovich


 Pete has Over 20 Years of Firearms and Protective Services Instruction and Training.  Active professional security specialist for international and domestic assignments. Orange County Sheriff Department CCW Instructor. NRA Certified Law Enforcement Instructor. Bureau of Security and Investigative Services Instructor. Glock Factory Instructor and Armorer.P.O.S.T. AOT Instructor . Pete is the  President and CEO of our partner company,  I5 Security and Investigative Services LLC